How glass can work with a vaulted ceiling

How glass can work with a vaulted ceiling

How glass can work with a vaulted ceiling

If you have a vaulted ceiling in your home, you know that it can be both a joy and a challenge! One idea you can use visually reduce the size of a wall without giving up the benefit of the vaulted ceiling is to create a hybrid solid and glass wall.

The solid wall extends as high as a conventional wall would – 8 – 9 feet. The remainder of the wall is made from glass, which extends from the top of your conventional wall to the ceiling. This one alteration will allow natural light to flood into a space but will preserve the privacy that a conventional wall provides. Not to mention that it looks fantastic!

If you have a vaulted ceiling, you know that sound carries very well in the open space. Glass is an ideal sound barrier. It offers significantly better noise insulation than conventional construction materials do. It can really make a difference in the amount of sound in an office or a bedroom.

Glass is also the ideal material for bridging the gap between the top of a wall and a vaulted ceiling. It’s readily available, and can be custom cut to fit any size vault. Whether you’re attempting to divide an existing space, or you simply want to sound-deaden a workspace, bedroom, bathroom or office, glass can help you preserve light diffusion while achieving your other architectural and interior design goals.

You can also decorate the glass in any way that makes sense to you using Glassprimer™ glass paint. Glassprimer™ glass paint is specially engineered to bond to glass surfaces. Once cured, the paint will not delaminate, chip or fade, even when exposed to humidity or direct sunlight. It can offer significant control of light or create privacy for about $1 per square foot.

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