Improving the view in your dining room

Improving the view in your dining room

Improving the view in your dining room

Depending upon how your home is laid out, you may be able to “open” your dining room by adding one or more glass walls to it. If you use your dining room regularly, or do a lot of entertaining, a glass-walled dining room may visually enlarge your space, and help you and your guests connect to the surrounding environment.

Whether you opt for framed or frameless glass, your dining room will take on a totally different feel. Natural light will make any meal or gathering more enjoyable, and will quickly become the favorite hang-out spot in your home.

You’ll want to consult a structural engineer to determine exactly how much glass you can incorporate into an existing structure. If you intend to add a dining space onto your home, an architect can help you determine the best placement for the glass.

A glass-walled room works best for properties that have some space around them, and that have an enjoyable view. Some homeowners take the concept of a glass-walled dining room one step farther, and install operable door walls that allow them to open up the entire space for dining and entertaining.

Glass will work well whether it’s used as part of a wall or as a ceiling. Glass walls on three sides will create a conservatory or greenhouse effect and can make for a very pleasant dining and entertaining experience.

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