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Industry-Standard Product Line

  • Proven industry standard since 1998

    GPPP083® solvent based product line is suitable for indoor, outdoor, high performance applications. Uses industry leading nano-tech bonding properties. Extremely resistant to high UV light exposure.

  • Excellent performance characteristics

    GPPP083® is our highest performance glass coating. Exceptional flow, leveling, weathering, film hardness, and ultraviolet resistance.

  • ASTM Standards

    GPPP083® Meets and exceeds ASTM standards for spandrel glass coatings.

  • UV-Inkjet Glass Printing Nano-Primer

    GP083® Molecular Activator / UV-Inkjet Printing Glass Surface Nano-Primer is a leading glass surface priming pre-treatment for digital glass printing, glass screen printing, self adhesives, resins, and specialty glass coating industries.

Specialty-waterborne product line

  • Warning

    GPWB128® waterbased product line is only suitable for indoor, low maintenance applications. Not designed for high UV light exposure.

  • Warning

    GPWB128® is NOT our highest performing glass paint. Do not use Mirror Mastic for installing backpainted glass painted with GPWB128®.

  • GPWB128® has low paint odor. Cleans and thins with water.