Glass goes to work

Glass goes to work

Glass goes to work

Here’s an interesting fact: ten years ago, the average employee office space measured about 250 square feet. Today, the average employee office space measures about 175 feet. That’s a 30% reduction in space. Not surprisingly, the average cost per square foot has risen in the same time by about 30%. In certain cities, the cost of office space has risen even higher. Cost pressures, availability and the need to manage growth may all have an impact on the choice of location. Creative use of space – including the use of glass – may help expand a small space.

While you may not be able to do much about the cost of a space, or you may be asked to do more with less room, your space doesn’t have to “look” small. Interior spaces tend to get closed off by the construction of interior walls. While interior walls create privacy, they can be counterproductive in an office space.

That’s why many office designers are turning to glass to visually recapture”lost” or reconfigured space. The transparency of glass allows natural light to penetrate a space. It allows the eye to see through a space, which can naturally make it look larger.

When used in interior design, glass can also offer superior sound reduction. Because it’s a hard surface, many people think that sound will carry well. Glass is actually an excellent audio insulator, so the use of glass dividers in a space actually reduces ambient noise.

Glass can also be worked into any decorating scheme. Glassprimer™ glass paint, used strategically, can create privacy without interfering with the transmission of natural light. You’ll still get the benefits of glass, the privacy that certain spaces demand, and at about $1 per square foot, Glassprimer™ glass paint is economical, too!

Glassprimer™ glass paint is a specialized glass coating that bonds permanently to glass surfaces. GlassPrimer also makes a glass surface molecular activator that is designed to work with UV-inkjet glass printing processes. Glassprimer™ glass paint can be used in both interior and exterior applications and can help reduce solar heat gain in some applications. For more information about Glassprimer™ glass paint, please visit the rest of our site. If you’d like to purchase Glassprimer™ glass paint, please visit our online store .

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