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GP083® is for specialty use only and is not designed to be used in conjunction with any Glassprimer™ paint.

GP083® is a specialty primer for glass surfaces. It enhances glass surface properties on a molecular level to promote permanent bonding for UV inkjet printing on glass and to most urethane based adhesives, self adhesives, coatings, and resins.

GP083® is for specialty use only and is not designed to be used in conjunction with any Glassprimer™ paint.

  • Is applied to glass surfaces by spray bottle and paper towel wiping.
  • Leaves an invisible molecular altering primer coating on the glass surface that is visually undetectable.
  • Used for various specialty applications for a multitude of industries such as UV inkjet glass printing.
  • Available in 1 quart (0.95L/32fl oz)

GP083® does not meet or exceed ASTM standards for architectural spandrel glass coatings, and should not be used as a professional alternative to GPPP083® glass coatings for architectural back painted glass applications.

Note: This product is not guaranteed and should be first tested for your application.

Only apply when air temperature is above 40ºF (4ºC) and glass surface temperature is at least 5ºF (3ºC) above the dew point.

  1. Thoroughly spray/saturate glass surface with 70/30 isopropyl rubbing alcohol.
  2. Scrub the entire glass surface with #000 or #0000 steel wool. This ensures all possible impurities that could be impregnated into the glass surface have been removed.
  3. Clean glass surface with the same alcohol and new paper towels until dry (do not use lint free paper towels). Make sure glass has a squeaky clean feel/sound to the surface while being wiped dry.
  • Packaging: 1 quart (0.95L/32 fl oz)
  • VOC: 5.8 lbs/gal (700 g/L)
  • Viscosity: n/a
  • Weight Per Quart: 3.28 lbs (1.49 kg)
  • Coverage: Up to 265 sq ft/gal (24.6 sq m)
  • Shelf Life: Up to 1 year
  • Storage: Store at room temperature and away from UV light exposure

Use spray bottle.

Spray GP083® glass molecular activator onto glass surface. Be sure to saturate the entire glass surface.

Let stand on glass surface for 10-20 seconds.

Wipe GP083® off of glass surface with clean paper towels (do not use lint free paper towels).

Ensure the entire glass surface is wiped dry. Begin UV Inkjet Printing and/or apply urethane based adhesives, self adhesives, paints, and resins within 30 minutes.

Note: Read all labels, warning labels, and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) information prior to use.

Video Demonstration

This video demonstrates the application of GP083® glass molecular activator.