Glassprimer™ glass paint is the premium solution for painting any glass, any color.

Glassprimer™ is proud to offer a worldwide leading glass coating product. Glassprimer™ paint is an exceptionally effective solution for a variety of backpainted glass needs. It is an active glass surface molecular modifying nano-tech coating that creates a true permanent paint/glass bond. The cutting-edge bonding technology of Glassprimer™ paint requires no baking, heating, or oven curing.

Sample comparison testing reveals Glassprimer™ as the leader in performance, ease of use, durability, UV resistance, and adhesive compatibility.

Glassprimer™ paint can be mixed to match any color including Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, RAL, Pantone, Ralph Lauren, Valspar, Glidden, Dunn Edwards, and Behr brands.

Glassprimer™ provides high volume glass coating facilities with dependable product delivery. With Glassprimer™, smaller glass companies have the opportunity to produce colored glass for the demands of clients and architects. Glassprimer™ paint can be sprayed or rolled on any form of glass with professional results. Glassprimer™ has been producing glass coatings for the professional industry for over 28 years and has undergone extensive third-party ASTM adhesion and weather ability testing to guarantee a durable and reliable finish. Glassprimer™ paint includes a 10-year limited warranty.

Glassprimer™ is a genuine glass paint system that permanently bonds to glass unlike other mimicking so called glass paint products and methods. With Glassprimer™ paint, there is never paint and glass delamination issues due to atmospheric moisture, temperature changes, and adhesive pulling commonly seen in most products. When using Glassprimer™ paint, it creates a true molecular fusion to the glass surface.

Glassprimer™ allows customers to cut, drill, edge and install back painted glass anywhere.

Glassprimer™ paint solutions can alter the visual characteristics of any type of glass including tempered glass, annealed glass, slumped glass, casted glass, and laminated glass. Back painted glass can be used for a wide variety of applications with endless color options. With Glassprimer™ paint, other additions such as metallic flakes and faux finishes can be incorporated.

Painted glass is a modern, sleek and hygienic alternative to tiles and laminates. Painted glass is often referred to as colored glass, colored glass splashback, backpainted glass, European colored glass, color coated glass, or glass back painting.

Glassprimer™ paints are durable and doesn’t allow mold or bacteria to form. In addition, Glassprimer’s™ non porous paints are water resistant.