Why glass is making a comeback

Why glass is making a comeback

Why glass is making a comeback

Some architectural materials never go out of style, and that’s one really good reason to consider decorating with glass in your home. Glass is appealing for a number of reasons. Here are a few of them.

Glass offers many advantages

Glass is environmentally friendly. Glass is a combination of a number of naturally occurring materials. We’ve been making glass for thousands of years, and glass offers one of the most environmentally friendly manufacturing processes around. Not only are the raw materials natural, but also glass is infinitely recyclable. Glass is also inert, which means that it’s safe to use in food preparation areas, and can be easily cleaned and sanitized.

Glass is economical. Because the raw materials used in glass are readily available, it is among the most economical of all building materials. You can purchase glass in a wide range of thicknesses, strengths and colors. You can custom-cut glass to fit any space, and you can have glass tempered to strengthen it for use in the kitchen and bathroom.

Glass is practical. In the kitchen, few surfaces are more practical than glass. Glass can be cleaned and sanitized with a wide range of common household cleaners, and cannot develop surface stains or discolorations. It withstands acids in food, and will not retain bacteria, mold or mildew.

Glass is locally available. Glass is produced in hundreds of facilities around the country. Chances are very good that you live near a glass factory. For you, that means glass is readily available, and you can often support your local economy by purchasing glass.

Glass is easy to decorate. Glass is easy to decorate, thanks to Glassprimer™ glass paint. Our glass paint is specially formulated to bond with the surface of glass, making a permanent bond that won’t chip, fade or peel. It resists damage from ultraviolet light, so it will look great year after year, even when it’s installed in direct sunlight.

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Photo Credit: Marja von Bochove , via Flickr.com