Glass headlines interior design trends

Glass headlines interior design trends

Glass headlines interior design trends

Updating your existing space can be a challenge, but these new interior design trends may help you get started on your grand plans. The great news for fans of the classic look is that it’s always welcome! Interior designers are falling back on the tried and true in a big way. Glass is being used to bridge the gap between classic and contemporary.

If you’re looking at new windows, the word is, “Go big!” Floor-to-ceiling glass windows are at the top of the designers’ wish lists. In addition to flooding an area with natural light, they lend an open, airy and contemporary feeling to just about any space. They’re a great way to smudge the line between interior and exterior. When nestled in a door-wall, they can also turn an indoor room into an outdoor room in a snap.

Great glass walls are easy to dress, too! Floor to ceiling curtains, shades and portable room dividers can give privacy when desired. They can also be stored when it’s time to let the sun shine in.

Great glass without the windows

If new windows aren’t in the budget, you can incorporate glass in other ways. Glass panel surfaces and tabletops accentuate simple, yet sophisticated designs. Paired with neutral colors on the walls and natural flooring, you can pull together an outstanding look for one room or the whole house!

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