Using Glassprimer™ Glass Coatings

With Glassprimer™ premium paint, discerning audiences can permanently back paint glass at a superior quality and value over competitors. Painted glass is a modern, sleek and hygienic alternative to tiles and laminates.

Glassprimer™ premium paint is for home and business use, and can be easily applied by professional fabricators and DIY amateurs alike.

Premium solutions for painted glass are rare in the United States. Glassprimer™ has scientifically formulated and used glass paint for over decades, and have offered the product as a premium solution for home and business needs. The product line has become the preferred solution for large-scale industrial use as well as aesthetic design.

Glassprimer™ paint products are not affected by delaminating issues due to atmospheric moisture and temperature changes that commonly occur with most other products. Sandblasting or obscuring the glass surface is not necessary in order to apply Glassprimer™, in fact sandblasted/painted glass doesn’t create any level of bond permanence and will not meet the required ASTM pull strength test standards required for architectural spandrel glass coatings. Glassprimer™ paint allows customers to cut, drill, edge and install back painted glass anywhere.

Glassprimer™ paint can be matched to all Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, RAL, Pantone, Ralph Lauren, Valspar, Glidden, Dunn Edwards and Behr color swatch codes. Glassprimer™ paint also matches all large USA based architectural paint manufacturer color fan decks. 

Glassprimer™ paint allows customers to paint the visual characteristics of any type of glass including tempered glass, annealed glass, slumped glass, casted glass, and laminated glass. Back painted glass can be used for a wide variety of applications with unlimited color possibilities.

Shipping Glassprimer™

International orders must be shipped by ocean freight due to air freight restrictions on flammable liquids. GPWB128® Waterborne Glass Coating can be shipped by both international or domestic air freight.