Glass design trends: Outdoor rooms

Glass design trends: Outdoor rooms

Glass design trends: Outdoor rooms

If you haven’t heard of outdoor rooms, that’s ok. You’ve certainly seen them. They’re spaces that blur the boundaries between a home’s interior and its exterior. Outdoor rooms may make extensive use of glass – big glass – and create a space that’s both livable and lovable.

Connecting with the outdoors is desirable, no matter what climate you’re in. Outdoor rooms may incorporate arbors, or they may use or extend a home’s existing structure. They often feature large, operable windows and doors that cover an entire non-load bearing side of a home.

Glass is ideal for outdoor rooms

Outdoor rooms may accommodate a variety of activities, but entertaining is certainly high on their to-do lists. They may feature kitchens, relaxation spaces and lots of fresh air and sunshine.

Outdoor rooms need to be rugged enough to tolerate sun, rain and seasonal weather, so materials that can stand the test of time are favored. Natural materials like stone and wood fare well in outdoor room designs. Manmade materials, like pavers, glass and concrete also work well in outdoor spaces.

Just because a material is natural doesn’t mean it can’t be decorated. The great outdoors can be brutal, so you’ll need materials that can stand up to the things that Mother Nature dishes out. Glassprimer™ glass paint is an ideal coating for outdoor projects.

While Glassprimer™ glass paint is designed to work with glass, it also works well with other impervious materials like stone and metal. In addition to durability, Glassprimer™ glass paint offers incredible UV resistance. That means your colors will stand up for years, even in direct sunlight.

Glassprimer™ glass paint bonds permanently with the surface it’s applied to, so it won’t chip, fade or peel, even in direct sunlight or high humidity. Because the paint is rugged, it also cleans well.

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