Bring on the glass in your home

Bring on the glass in your home

Bring on the glass in your home

The allure of glass is inescapable. It offers an upscale, contemporary look and yet, the material is common and affordable. Whether you work with glass on the inside of your home, or use it as a way to interface with the environment around you, you can’t go wrong with glass.

Contrary to popular belief, glass is durable. When we think of glass, we think of its fragility, but when selected and supported properly, glass will last for years, and look good while doing it. If you put glass in your home in those areas that are likely to take a knock or two, the solution is to use tempered glass. Tempered glass is widely available, affordable and will stand up to the bumps and bruises that would challenge ordinary glass.

Tempered glass is an ideal medium in the kitchen and bathroom. It’s heat resistant, easy to clean and can tolerate changes in temperature that ordinary flat glass can’t. Glass doesn’t readily absorb anything, so it can be cleaned and sterilized easily, using ordinary chemicals. You can also set it in doorways and window walls for extra security.

You might be thinking that the ultimate upside of glass – its transparency – is also a downside. Sometimes you don’t want to see through something – especially if it’s a backsplash or a countertop. That’s where Glassprimer™ glass paint comes in.

Glass doesn’t readily absorb anything, which means that ordinary paints – which rely on absorption to stick to surface – won’t work on glass. Glassprimer™ glass paint is specially engineered to bond to the surface of glass. Once it is cured, Glassprimer™ glass paint will not delaminate, chip or fade. It permanently alters the surface of the glass to ensure that the paint stays put.

Glassprimer™ glass paint allows you to backpaint a glass surface, which covers the surface below it (or behind it), and leave the intact glass surface facing outward. You get the benefit of a glass surface and the color options and coverage you’re looking for.
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