Open up to glass interior doors

Open up to glass interior doors

Open up to glass interior doors

If you’re looking for a clever, elegant way to open up a space in your home, consider installing glass interior doors. Glass interior doors significantly improve light transmission throughout the space, and make a small space appear larger.

Glass interior doors define sophistication

Glass interior doors don’t work for all applications, but you can purchase both frameless and framed glass interior doors for your space. Most glass interior doors aren’t made from clear glass. Instead, you’ll find a number of frosted or etched, silkscreened or printed glass interior doors that look amazing and fit into most design themes.

Although glass interior doors seem like they’d be most at home in a modern interior design, you can find them throughout all major interior design trends.

French doors, for example, are often made of glass or feature significant amounts of glasswork when used in interiors. The glass can be clear, frosted, beveled or even colored. True French doors are wood framed and include glass panels.

Single hung doors can successfully incorporate glass panels. They can be used in virtually any interior space, but may be most at home in the “public areas” of a living space. Glass doors may be used to close off a dining room, pantry or laundry area, but they can also be used successfully in bedrooms, closets and offices.

Frameless doors are definitely modern in character. Frameless glass interior doors can be used virtually anywhere to make a dramatic statement. Frameless glass can (and should) be tempered for use in high traffic areas, and in areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Frameless glass can also be etched, frosted, painted or printed to increase the amount of privacy while still permitting significant natural light transmission.

Glass interior doors can also be successfully used as “pocket” doors, or suspended from a top rail to slide across a doorway. In many cases, a top-hung door is printed, painted or silkscreened to provide privacy in bedrooms and to disguise closet storage.

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