Endless Summer: Consider a Glass Greenhouse

Endless Summer: Consider a Glass Greenhouse

Endless Summer: Consider a Glass Greenhouse

If the prospect of saying goodbye to summer has you down, consider building your own glass greenhouse to help you get through the winter blues. A small greenhouse can support a wide range of flowering and edible plants. It also takes advantage of the natural phenomenon of solar heat gain.

No one disputes the healthful benefits of a good dose of sunshine, but in the winter, heat is what most people are after! Heat is generated by the invisible light frequencies in sunlight, and those invisible rays can turn a greenhouse into a warm winter oasis.

Your greenhouse can be decorative, practical or both. If you live in a climate where snow is the norm, there may be a couple of winter months where your greenhouse is out of commission. Otherwise, you may have a fully functional room that’s both sunny and warm, even when the ground is too cold to grow anything.

Greenhouse kits typically allow you to build a temporary structure. The structure may stand year-round, but it may not be robust enough to stand up to high winds or heavy snows. You can build a permanent greenhouse, however, that can withstand these off-season hazards. You’ll also reap the rewards of a little winter sun!

Whether you use your greenhouse strictly for potting, planting and starting, or you use it as a way to get a little winter refreshment, having a greenhouse on your property offer some significant benefits. While it’s not likely to increase the value of your property to potential buyers, it may increase your enjoyment of the property if gardening, planting and landscaping appeals to you.

You can also decorate your greenhouse, and if it catches too much sun, you can also diminish the solar heat gain by using a glass coating like Glassprimer™ glass paint. Glassprimer™ glass paint is durable, and is suitable for use on either indoor or outdoor projects. It’s highly UV-resistant, so it will withstand the effects of direct sunlight, and you can cover a glass surface for about $1 per square foot.

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Photo Credit: Jinx McCombs, via Flickr.com