Decorating with glass paint

Decorating with glass paint

Decorating with glass paint

Glass is one of the most versatile decorating surfaces available today. While you can find colored glass, an easier way to incorporate “colored” glass into your decorating scheme is to apply glass paint to plate glass. If you’ve never heard of glass paint, it’s paint that’s specially formulated to adhere to glass.

As you might guess, paint doesn’t tend to stick to glass very well. Paint is usually designed to be applied to porous or semi-porous surfaces. Ordinary paint will certainly dry on glass, but it won’t adhere to glass. Glassprimer™ glass paint is different. It forms a permanent bond with the glass surface as it dries and cures, and won’t peel, chip or fade.

Glass paint isn’t just for glass

Glassprimer™was specially formulated to adhere to glass, but you can also use it on a number of other challenging surfaces, like metal, masonry, stone, plastic and wood. You can get exceptional decorating results by applying Glassprimer™ glass paint to Plexiglas°. In addition to getting a virtually infinite color palette, Glassprimer™ glass paint is UV-resistant, which means it will still look great even when it’s exposed to direct sunlight.

Glassprimer™ glass paint is tough enough to hold its own in the most challenging environments in and around your home. You can safely use Glassprimer™ glass paint in the kitchen, where rapid changes in temperature and humidity can really shorten the life of ordinary paint. You can also use it in the bathroom – another area where even the toughest of paints don’t last.

As a decorating surface, glass isn’t just another pretty face. You can use glass behind your countertops and stoves to add a splash of color, and create a surface that’s easy to clean and sanitize. You can also laminate kitchen cabinet fronts with glass or Plexiglas° to give them a great new look and extend their useful lives.

Glassprimer&#153 paint comes in a wide range of opaque, translucent and frosted colors. We can match virtually any color from any major paint manufacturer. Glass can be bonded to walls and other surfaces, using common bonding materials like silicone glue or mirror mastic. No matter what you use, it won’t show through the painted glass, so your project will look great from start to finish!

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