Painting glass in your home!

Painting glass in your home!

Painting glass in your home!

If you’ve never quite gotten the hang of painting, you might be uncomfortable with the idea of painting glass. A painting project basically has two parts: planning and execution. Believe it or not, the hardest part of painting is the planning! If you take some time to plan out your painting projects, you’ll be rewarded with really great results.

Painting glass is only part of the bigger strategy

One problem that people encounter with a painting project is that the end result doesn’t “fit” with the rest of the house. In some cases, a painting project doesn’t fit with the rest of the room. This is where some planning can really pay off. The designs you see in photo shoots have one really big advantage over your project. You never see the featured room in context with the rest of the house.

Unfortunately, when you take on a painting project of your own, people view the finished product in the context of your whole house. An updated room might look great by itself, but doesn’t work in the context of the rest of the space.

Enter the whole house palette. A whole house palette is a color strategy that determines a complementary color scheme for the entire house. As you move from room to room, you use one palette that complements the work you’ve already done. When you’re finished painting and decorating the entire house, the colors you’ve chosen travel easily from room to room. Each room looks great by itself and in the context of the rooms around it.

Painting glass can work into your whole house palette, even if the rest of the house uses paint from another manufacturer. That’s because we can tint Glassprimer™ glass paint to match the paint palette of any major paint manufacturer. Your painted glass will integrate seamlessly with your walls, ceilings, trim and floors, even if another company makes that paint.

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Photo Credit: Lorien Rezende, via Flickr