Glass Countertops Can Add Upscale Touch

Glass Countertops Can Add Upscale Touch

Glass Countertops Can Add Upscale Touch

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your kitchen’s game, consider adding glass countertops. Glass is an ideal medium for use in the kitchen, whether you put it on the walls or counters.

Glass countertops sound expensive, and perhaps even a bit dangerous, but you can get specially crafted thick glass that’s intended for use as a counter or bar surface. Make no mistake about it: glass countertops are heavy, so you’ll need to have a very sturdy base to hold them up.

You can buy glass for countertop use in thicknesses of 4″ or greater. Glass is ideal for countertop use. It resists scratching and doesn’t fade. When tempered, it can tolerate significant changes in temperature, and it’s impervious, so it won’t absorb bacteria and other unpleasantries that you’re likely to encounter in the kitchen.

Glass can be cleaned up with virtually any household cleaner and can be sanitized easily. In slab form, you don’t have seams to worry about, so grout failure, discoloration and staining don’t come into play. The glass surface itself is also unstainable.

You can back paint glass countertops very easily, using a product like Glassprimer™ glass paint. Simply apply paint in the color of your choice, and choose the number of coats that will achieve your desired saturation. Once the paint has cured, flip it over, install it painted-side down and you have a working surface, ready to go!

The paint is ideal for kitchen duty. It won’t peel or chip like ordinary paints will. The kitchen is a high-humidity environment, so paints (even wall paints) typically delaminate, chip and fade with regular cleaning. You won’t find that with Glassprimer™ glass paint because the paint actually bonds permanently to the surface of the glass. It’s also highly UV-resistant, which means it won’t fade, even in direct sunlight.

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