Frameless glass walls

Frameless glass walls

Frameless glass walls

The people who occupy a commercial office space have a lot of needs. In addition to workspace, they need access to daylight, privacy, meeting spaces and group work spaces. Controlling sound becomes very important. While some workers may need to collaborate, others may need to have a quiet space. Privacy is also important. Given these diverse needs, frameless glass – the ultimate in transparency – doesn’t seem to fit well in an office environment.

When you look more closely at frameless glass, however, you find that glass actually offers much better sound control than standard commercial construction materials like wood, composite materials or drywall. Your work and collaboration spaces will be much quieter behind glass!

In addition, the transparency of glass facilitates the distribution of natural light around a workspace. Most commercial spaces have one or possibly two walls that receive daylight. This limits what you can do to distribute daylight to the other parts of the office space. If you happen to occupy the top floor of a building, you might be able to add skylights, but for most multitenant commercial spaces, this isn’t an option.

The use of glass in the interior space allows daylight to penetrate the space using the available windows. In addition, this approach can help reduce energy consumption in the winter by taking advantage of naturally generated heat from sunlight.

To add privacy and to provide some control over solar heat gain, Glassprimer™ glass paint can be applied to glass surfaces. Glassprimer™ glass paint is specially designed to adhere to glass surfaces. It applies quickly and with minimal surface preparation, and can be used in interior and exterior applications. Glassprimer™ glass paint also offers a water-based formulation for easy clean up. Both the oil-based and water-based formulations are low VOC products, and can be used and applied safely in interior spaces.

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