Backpainted Glass The Easy Way

Backpainted Glass The Easy Way

Backpainted Glass The Easy Way

Backpainted glass is certainly a trendy look, but having it made and shipped to you can be expensive and frustrating. Shipping glass isn’t easy. In fact, it’s downright hard. Shipped glass can have a breakage rate of as much as 30%. In many cases, breakage is a result of improper packaging or improper handling.

Flat glass can also pick up “stains” when it is shipped. Stains come from dampness that is absorbed by the packaging or deposited on the glass. While stains can be removed, the process of removing them may shorten the life of the glass.

Rather than having glass backpainted and shipped to you, you can make your own backpainted glass. You’ll achieve results that are better, you’ll spend less and your glass can be ready to mount in just a matter of hours.

With Glassprimer™ glass paint, you can also have your paint tinted to match the paint palette of virtually any major paint manufacturer. You can integrate glass paint seamlessly into your decorating plan.

Backpainted glass works well in the kitchen, but you can install backpainted glass in any room in your home. It also works well in commercial spaces and offices.

Each gallon of Glassprimer™ glass paint provides coverage for about 256 square feet of glass. You can apply Glassprimer™ glass paint using a brush or roller, but we recommend that you use a high-volume, low pressure paint sprayer. You’ll get exceptional coverage and use less paint.

Each gallon of Glassprimer™ glass paint is a low-VOC product, so you can safely use it for indoor or outdoor applications. In addition to our oil-based formulation, we also make a water-based formulation that’s environmentally friendly and easy to clean up.

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