Glass paint coverage information

Glass paint coverage information

Glass paint coverage information

A gallon of Glassprimer™ glass paint can provide adequate coverage for as much as 265 square feet of surface. The amount of paint you need depends upon the number of coats you apply and how much surface you need to cover. We recommend applying between 3 and 8 coats of Glassprimer™ glass paint to glass for backpainted applications. This level of coverage will allow you to achieve the color density you’re looking for.

A good way to estimate the cost of your project is by the square foot. Glassprimer™ glass paint is sold by the gallon, and costs about $1.00 per square foot.

How much glass paint do I need?

If you intend to create a backpainted glass backsplash along a counter wall in your kitchen, you can estimate the amount of paint your project requires by starting with the area of the surface to be covered. If your backsplash needs to cover a 12-foot run of counter space, and the distance between the splash block and the bottom of the cupboards is 2.5 feet, you have a total of 30 square feet of working area to cover.

Use a high-volume, low-pressure sprayer to achieve the coverage you’re looking for. Apply the paint as thinly as possible, and use multiple coats to achieve the desired final appearance. Allow each coat to dry completely before adding the next coat. By varying the thickness of each coat, you can create opaque or translucent effects. You can also purchase Glassprimer™ glass paint that’s formulated to create a frosted effect.

Glassprimer™ glass paint can be tinted to match the paint palette of any major paint manufacturer. This allows you to match existing colors or create the perfect color palette for your room, while using different types of paint.

When you purchase a gallon of Glassprimer™ glass paint, you also received the catalyst – a necessary component when using Glassprimer™ glass paint. The catalyst is packaged separately, so you can mix only the exact amounts of paint and catalyst you need to complete your project. This also allows you to store the unused paint for another project. Glassprimer™ catalyst, dries and cures completely in 24-72 hours, creating a permanent bond with the glass.

If you’d like more information about glass paint, or would like to purchase glass paint online, please visit our online store.

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