Backpainted glass on furniture

Backpainted glass on furniture

Backpainted glass on furniture

Glass is a very durable, versatile protective surface that works just as well on furniture as it does on walls. When you think about backpainted glass, you naturally think about backsplashes, but you can make a variety of improvements to furniture using custom cut, backpainted glass.

Place backpainted glass on just about any furniture surface to update the appearance of your piece. Try this on any table or desk that’s in good structural condition, but has a worn or damaged top.

Glass topped dining room table

Wooden dining table tops are notorious for picking up water damage, heat damage and scratches. Did you find an antique wooden table that you’d love to have in your home, but don’t want to spend the time and effort to refinish the surface? Try this trick instead.
A glass shop can custom-cut and temper a sheet of glass to fit your table. You’ll want to make sure the sheet is heavy enough to resist sliding, changes in temperature, and the occasional dropped dish or glass. Backpaint one side of the glass using your favorite color, or even create a pattern with the paint. When the paint has cured, install the glass on the tabletop. You can secure it with silicone glue, or if the glass is heavy enough, it will sit safely on your table. Clean and sanitize the tabletop using ordinary cleaners and enjoy your table for years to come!

Cover a desk top with glass

Few things are more majestic than a desk with a glass top. Furniture makers rarely make ornate desks anymore, but you can find these old gems in resale and antique shops. The desk is probably still in good shape, but these pieces are often stored improperly and may have a top that has been stained, scratched or even delaminated. Start at the glass shop and have them custom fit a piece of glass to your desk. You can use a sheet of regular glass, but thicker glass will work better in this application. Backpaint the glass top, using a spray applicator. You could also paint with stencils or try a frosted effect. Once the paint has cured, place the backpainted side of the glass on the desk surface and get to work!

Glass topped coffee table

Nothing is more at home than a glass top on a coffee table. You can put your drinks or dishes down on the table without worrying about picking up water rings from glasses, or discolorations from heat. Tempered glass is the best choice for this project. As with the other projects, start with the glass shop and obtain a piece of tempered glass that’s been cut to fit your coffee table. (Tempered glass must be cut before tempering, since you cannot cut tempered glass.) Apply a coat of Glassprimer™ glass paint in your favorite color. The paint will be cured in about 24-72 hours. You can place the glass top directly on the coffee table without attaching it to the surface, but you may want to use a silicone glue or mastic if you have children, pets or just tend to run into the coffee table a lot! A coffee table is small enough that you can redo this project whenever you change the color scheme of your room.

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