Glass Paint Goes To Sea!

Glass Paint Goes To Sea!

Glass Paint Goes To Sea!

Designing interiors for a yacht is a challenge. The materials you choose need to be rugged, elegant and simple. They must also be able to hold their own in an environment unlike any other. Glass works well as a material choice, and that means glass paint is the ideal complement.

Why glass paint is a good marine option

Glass paint is an ideal coating for multiple surfaces used in marine construction. Glassprimer™ glass paint works well on glass, Plexiglas™ fiberglass and other impervious surfaces. One reason that glass paint is up to the task is that the paint makes a permanent bond with impervious surfaces.

Ordinary paint doesn’t adhere to non-porous surfaces. While it will dry on the surface, it won’t cure. Ordinary paint will fail in high humidity or direct sunlight exposure. In addition, it isn’t rugged enough to withstand normal contact.

Glassprimer™ glass paint is engineered to modify the nanosurface of impervious materials. In doing so, it allows the paint to make a permanent bond. In addition to resisting chipping and peeling, Glassprimer™ glass paint is UV resistant, which means it won’t fade, even in direct sunlight.

Glassprimer™ glass paint is also highly affordable. A single gallon of paint will provide up to 250 square feet of coverage. Interior applications are guaranteed to retain their beautiful good looks for 10 years. Glass paint can also be used successfully for exterior applications. Our low-VOC paints come in both oil-based and water-based formulations, and won’t leave behind an overwhelming “paint” odor.

Glassprimer™ glass paint can also be matched to the paint palette of any major paint manufacturer. You can use glass paint for specialty applications, and you can be sure that it will match other paints you’ve chosen to use on other parts of the vessel.

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