Want to live in a glass house? Just don’t throw stones

Want to live in a glass house? Just don't throw stones

Want to live in a glass house? Just don’t throw stones

Few people would want to live in a glass house, outside of architect Philip Johnson. If you’ve ever wondered what the experience would be like, however, you can visit the Baglioni Hotel Carlton in Milan Italy. The hotel offers a glass house that was inspired by Philip Johnson’s residence in New Caanan, CT.

The Baglioni Hotel Carlton’s glass house is a complete residence. It features a bedroom for two, a living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. It also has a sauna, a steam room and fitness equipment. It’s outfitted with modern furniture, and offers a 21st century twist on Philip Johnson’s iconic glass house. The home features solar panels and automated controls for everything in the house.

One thing the house doesn’t have is window treatments. The entire home (minus the bathroom) is visible from the outside. Fortunately, the property is also very secluded, so you’re unlikely to encounter nosy neighbors or gawkers. The house is located in the Monferrato Valley, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The hotel has teamed up with Dream&Charme to make the property available for guests. While the house itself sleeps only two people, the property features a large garden and outdoor seating for 10. In addition to overnight stays, the property is made available for small, exclusive events. The package typically includes a nod to the local area, which is known for both its wine production and its truffles. So, how much will staying in a completely luxurious and ultra-private glass house set you back? The going rate is about $3,200 per night.

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Photo Credit: Mark B. Schlemmer, via Flickr.com