Inexpensive Glass Design Ideas

Inexpensive Glass Design Ideas

Inexpensive Glass Design Ideas

Glass is an exceptionally versatile decorating material, and it can be incorporated into your home in some very creative and cost effective ways. Glass evokes a luxurious feeling, but that doesn’t mean it has to put a big dent in your wallet.

Working with glass interiors

Glass always seems to work best in large spaces, but here’s the trick: glass tends to make any space look bigger. It works its magic, even in small spaces! Introducing a glass table into your dining room, for example can really make a small room look larger. Because you can see through it, it tends to extend a space. Solid objects, on the other hand, form discrete barriers, and tend to close off more space than they should.

Using this notion, you can expand a small room by using glass tables or room dividers. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also reframe a window to encourage more daylight. If the idea of reframing windows sounds expensive, don’t panic. It’s actually less expensive than you think. Consult with a remodeling specialist about reworking your windows, or adding windows to a room.

The same principle that applies to glass tables applies to doors. A wooden door seals off a space. Sometimes that’s what you want, but a glass door can improve light transmission and provide privacy at the same time. Whether you choose a frameless glass door or a wood-framed door with glass lites, you can really expand your space – if only visually by letting light move around it more easily.

Stairways can benefit from a glass and steel railing system. Glass panels can allow light to flow and really open up a space. A steel toprail will give a staircase a very contemporary look, and the glass panels are actually less expensive than you might think. You’ll want to use tempered glass on stairs, to avoid injuries in case of an accident.

Glass backsplashes and counter surfaces can really amp up your kitchen. As an added benefit, they’re exceptionally easy to clean and durable. You can easily decorate glass using Glassprimer™ glass paint in virtually any color under the sun. And speaking of sun, Glassprimer™ glass paint won’t chip, fade or peel, even in direct sunlight.

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Photo Credit: Jeld-Wen