Why we’re so attracted to glass

Why we're so attracted to glass

Why we’re so attracted to glass

There’s something about glass that just lends an air of elegance to a room. Whether it’s large windows, a glass room divider, a sweeping glass staircase, or a glass table top, glass just gets our attention.

Visually, glass is appealing because you can see through it. It transmits light, which allows it to open up a space. The openness of a space has a direct impact on the way we feel, and that works well – especially in a home.

For all of its power, glass is also delicate. Everyone’s broken glass. Without a doubt, glass has its limits, which makes its presence in staircases, room dividers and large windows all that much more magical.

Design is evolving to incorporate much more glass. Commercial and residential spaces can both take advantage of glass, and incorporating glass in remodeling is becoming more common.

Outdoor rooms often rely on glass to bridge the distance between a home’s interior and its exterior. Commercial interiors rely on glass to transmit natural light. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light makes employees more productive and happier at work, and helps to better regulate the body’s internal “clock” and a variety of metabolic processes.

Using glass definitely has its upsides, but it also brings concerns about temperature, increased energy consumption and energy losses. One way to combat this is by using specialized coatings on glass like Glassprimer™ glass paint.

Glassprimer™ glass paint allows the transmission of natural, visible light, while rejecting UV radiation, which tends to heat up a space and the objects in it. Controlling light is very important in controlling heat gain and reducing energy consumption. Proper engineering can also help reduce energy losses at night.

Glassprimer™ glass paint makes a permanent bond with glass surfaces. Once cured, the paint will not chip, fade or peel, even in direct sunlight. It’s suitable for both interior and exterior use, too! If you’d like more information about Glassprimer™ glass paint, please visit the rest of our site. If you’d like to purchase Glassprimer™ glass paint, please visit our online store .

Photo Credit: Phil Manker, via Flickr.com