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Glassprimer™ on HGTV

Distributor website Be sure to watch Glassprimer™ paint Team on HGTV TV series “Color Splash” with Host David Bromstad starting mid July 2010. We are expected to be airing on HGTV for 2-4 years in. Watch how Glass Paint is applied… Watch back painted glass installs… Before and after reviews…

Rejuvenating Glass Table Tops

Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner so I felt that this was a timely topic to cover. There are few things that can ruin the elegant and regal look of a glass top dining room table like a series of persistent, hairline scratches. Today I’m going to cover a way for homeowners to quickly […]

iPhone Apps that let you capture color on the go

The iPhone is a piece of technology that has really revolutionized phones and all handheld devices. But the iPhone is also revolutionizing the way you see color. There are two relatively new applications available at Apple’s App Store. Both applications have been developed by giants in the painting industry. There is Ben Color Capture by […]

Color Selections, Autumn and You

It’s that time of the year again—autumn. This season has a lot of allure for several reasons. For one, its coolness is nice—especially after a hot summer and it isn’t quite freezing cold yet. And depending on where you live there’s also the beautiful foliage to take in. Autumn is a big month for decoration […]

Sleek and beautiful back painted glass in the home

Few things can create a more stunning and breathtaking effect in your home or kitchen than some beautifully back painted glass. You can find a lot of different uses for back painted glass in the home in general. They can be utilized in everything from refrigerator doors, picture frames, shower screens and coffee tables. More […]