Sleek and beautiful back painted glass in the home

Few things can create a more stunning and breathtaking effect in your home or kitchen than some beautifully back painted glass. You can find a lot of different uses for back painted glass in the home in general. They can be utilized in everything from refrigerator doors, picture frames, shower screens and coffee tables. More often than not, however, back painted glass is utilized in the kitchen, providing home owners with sleek and unique back splashes and cabinet doors.

Overall, back painted glass is more attractive and easier to maintain than tile. The main problem with tile is the grout lines, which are hard to keep clean and present a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Back painted glass is hygienic and easy to clean without being fragile. Like most innovative design choices, back painted glass can be very expensive but with Glassprimer’s unique formula most of this expense is cut away. Some designers will charge between $45 to $60 per square foot of back painted glass. With the easy to use, revolutionary Glassprimer paint, you can permanently back paint glass with any color for less than .94¢ per square foot. This helps make back painted glass an affordable and attractive option for more homeowners. If you’re having trouble deciding on a color, you can find hundreds of different stock colors at But we’re also able to match our glass paint with any Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams color swatch codes free of charge. You can take a look at some of the colors they offer here.

Back painting glass is a great DIY venture and one made even easier by the simple and effective application of Glassprimer’s glass paint. For other homeowners that would like to purchase a piece of back painted glass they can visit, where they can find product and shipping information.