iPhone Apps that let you capture color on the go

The iPhone is a piece of technology that has really revolutionized phones and all handheld devices. But the iPhone is also revolutionizing the way you see color.

There are two relatively new applications available at Apple’s App Store. Both applications have been developed by giants in the painting industry. There is Ben Color Capture by Benjamin Moore and ColorSnap by Sherwin Williams. Both applications work essentially the same way. It enables you to crop one of your photos and then select a patch of color from it. From there it gives you the common name of the color you selected and its color code. But what I feel is the true allure of an application is that it enables you to capture colors on the go. Say you’re walking in a field and you see an exquisite flower and you decide you want the whole inside of your house that color. With these apps you can take a quick photo of said flower and find out its paint code.

If you’re unsure of which application to pick then the numbers are behind ColorSnap by Sherwin Williams. I used both applications and with ColorSnap I had a better idea of what color I was selecting. With their application I could see what colors my finger was selecting due to a small box that is constantly displaying the color above your finger. This is nice with scenes that have a lot of different colors in it. The photo I did my test on was of my backyard and there were leaves changing colors, grass and a pond so this feature was key. ColorSnap also has a three star rating on iTunes opposed to Ben Color Capture’s two and a half stars. Personally, I would go with ColorSnap.

Neither of the apps are perfect of course. Light, naturally, plays a big role in the way the colors are picked up, so you have to be mindful of that. The applications are also not completely accurate so don’t base any large or expensive decisions on them.

There’s also another drawback to these applications and it is that they only provide color codes for their selective companies. This isn’t a problem for our experts at Glass Primer however, because we’re able to match the color codes of all Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams products in our Glass Paint. So take out your iPhones and bring color home with you.