Are you wondering how to paint glass?

Are you wondering how to paint glass?

Are you wondering how to paint glass?

If you’ve never undertaken a glass painting project, you may not know how to paint glass. Painting glass isn’t difficult, and the results can be spectacular. Making your own painted glass is more economical than buying pre-painted glass. In addition, you can cut the glass to achieve a precision fit before you apply the paint.

Here’s how to paint glass

Surface preparation is the key to professional results. Fortunately, surface preparation for glass is minimal, and requires no special chemicals or tools. To prepare a glass surface for painting, you’ll need fine grit steel wool, alcohol and paper towels. The cheap, store-brand paper towels are actually the best choice. More expensive brands (even those that are supposed to be “lint-free”) tend to leave fibers behind. Once the glass surface is clean, you’re ready to paint.

You can apply paint to glass using virtually any painting tool. That includes brushes, rollers, sponges and paint sprayers. The best, most economical way to apply paint to glass is with a high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer. These tools are available at any home improvement or hardware store. The biggest advantage they offer is even coverage using the least amount of paint.

Regardless of what application tools you use, the trick to getting professional results is to apply the paint in a thin coat and allow it to dry completely before you add the next coat. Generally, a coat of glass paint is dry to the touch within two hours of application, and ready for another coat in about 4 hours. Avoid handing a wet piece (or a drying piece) of glass. This will eliminate the possibility of damage to the drying paint.

One of the great things about glass paint is that if you make an error, you can remove the paint from the glass as long as you act quickly. You don’t have to move the paint entirely. You can remove the fault and repaint. The repaired paint will dry to the same color as the unrepaired section. This means that your repairs won’t show, once the paint is dry.

As you can see, painting glass is straightforward. Getting professional results is easy, even if you’ve never painted glass before. For more information about how to paint glass, or to order glass paint, please visit our online store at .

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