Glass emerges in bathroom trends

Glass emerges in bathroom trends

Glass emerges in bathroom trends

New trends are emerging in bathroom design, and they definitely incorporate glass. Consumers have some definite preferences for their bathrooms, and calm happens to be one of them. So how do you “calm” a bathroom? Here are a few tips for channeling your bathroom’s inner spa.

Glass can help create calm luxury

Color. One good way to bring order to the chaos of your bathroom is through color. Using neutral colors, natural colors or a monochromatic color palette can help bring a measure of calm to your bathroom. Light colors and soft lighting can also help you get that spa-like feeling.

Open shelves, open vanities. Open shelving creates storage while maximizing space. This is true especially in small bathrooms. Consider open wire or glass shelves to create space for towels and other standard bathroom items. Clever use of space in vanities can allow for significant storage while disguising and discouraging clutter.

Privacy. Creating privacy in a bathroom can be a challenge, especially when the bathroom contains a window. Glassprimer™ glass paint can help turn an ordinary transparent window into a permanently frosted glass that affords complete privacy without significantly reducing light transmission. In addition, glass painted with Glassprimer™ glass paint offers superior UV-protection. By rejecting UV radiation from the Sun, you can reduce the temperature in the room by eliminating heat buildup. This helps you maintain comfort and reduce energy consumption.

Parity. Most homeowners focus their expenditures on the master bathroom, but you can carry themes (and materials) through to other bathrooms in the house. By using similar materials in multiple spaces in the house, you can not only save money, but create continuity in your decorating theme. This could mean using the same color palette, paints, glass or tile, and other materials in multiple bathrooms (or other spaces) in your home.

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