Using glass paint in your back and side entryways

Using glass paint in your mudroom

Using glass paint in your mudroom

Using glass paint in your mudroom

Your entryway often makes your home’s first impression on your guests, so homeowners often spend time making their guest entryway as welcoming as possible. But homes often have more than one entrance, and the other entries to your home deserve some love, too! Glass paint can help you dress up the entryways to your home that perhaps only you and your family use.

Glass paint can help clean up!

Many families never use their front door. Instead, they enter the home through the garage door or a side door. The dog might only use the back door. These areas tend to collect a lot of dirt; they’re the working entries to your home.

When your wet, muddy dog comes in, the first thing he or she does is – you guessed it – shake mud and dirt all over the place! Walls, floors and doors get covered with mud and dirty water. That’s where the term “mudroom” comes from. No one really wants to dedicate any space in their home to dirt, but this working entryway to your home can use a little quick updating.

Constantly washing the walls of the mudroom isn’t good for the paint, and it creates a lot of extra work for you. A simple solution is to backpaint Plexiglas™ or thin glass with GlassPrimer™ glass paint and laminate it to the walls. Suddenly, your paints stay bright and the surfaces can be cleaned quickly with a damp cloth or sponge. No more scrubbing and no stains! The color stays bright and cheerful, and clean-up is a snap.

It makes sense to laminate the areas of your home that are most likely to attract dirt, dust and water. Those never make a great combination for paint, but you can combat the wear and tear on the walls, and eliminate a lot of cleaning for yourself! Glass paint provides exceptional coverage for about $1 per square foot. Because the laminate is attached with silicone adhesive, you can put it up and take it down without worrying about damaging the wall surface. Painted glass laminates are also a great way to hide existing surface damage.

If you’d like more information about using GlassPrimer™ glass paint to dress up your entryways, please visit the rest of our site.

Photo Credit: John Brownlow, via Flickr