Glass room dividers are hot

Glass room dividers are hot

Glass room dividers are hot

Glass room dividers are hot

One way to incorporate glass into your design plan is by using glass room dividers. You can find pre-printed, pre-painted or just plain glass room dividers. If you intend to use a large sheet of glass, it’s a good idea (maybe a requirement?) to use tempered glass. Tempered glass can be custom sized before it’s treated, and it can be painted after heat treatment. Tempered glass is stronger than ordinary plate glass, and will resist shattering, cracking and other impact damage.

Decorate glass room dividers with Glassprimer™ glass paint

You can also use patterned glass, glass block and frosted glass to create privacy. Frosted glass can be expensive, so for larger frosted glass installations, you may want to consider using Glassprimer™ glass paint with a frosted effect to create a cost-effective, opaque coating that transmits light. Glassprimer™ glass paint is available in virtually any color and can cover more than 250 square feet for about $1 per square foot.

The advantage of using Glassprimer™ glass paint over traditional acid etched glass is that with Glassprimer™ glass paint, you can “frost” your glass using any color. Traditional etched glass modifies the surface of the glass, but doesn’t create any colored effect, unless the glass is already colored.

Glassprimer™ glass paint is also highly UV-resistant, which means that it can be used in locations that receive direct sunlight without fear of delamination, chipping or fading. When applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions, Glassprimer™ glass paint comes with a 10-year warranty. Glassprimer™ glass paint can also be used on other porous and non-porous surfaces, including tile and stone. You’ll get the same great results!

Glassprimer™ glass paint doesn’t simply dry on the surface of the glass. Instead, the paint is designed to create a nanoscale bond with the surface of the glass. This nanoscale bond is what ensures that the paint will stay in place permanently, even in conditions that cause ordinary paints to fail. Once bonded to the surface, Glassprimer™ glass paint resists humidity and UV light – two of the most common culprits in interior paint failure.

Glassprimer™ glass paint is easy to clean up, too. Using ordinary paint thinners, you can remove Glassprimer™ glass paint from high-volume, low pressure paint sprayers, paint rollers and paint brushes easily. It’s also a low-VOC compound, so you won’t be dealing with lingering paint vapors in your home or commercial space.

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