Glass trends for bathrooms

Glass trends for bathrooms

Glass trends for bathrooms

If there’s one room in the house that needs frequent updating, it’s the bathroom. No matter how good you are to your bathroom, it takes a beating. The water, humidity, cleaning and just plain use really take a toll on the bathroom. Here are a few glass trends to keep your eye on when planning your next bathroom remodeling job.

Usually, the materials we use in home construction aren’t meant to get wet. That poses an automatic problem for bathrooms because the bathroom is all about water! Because it’s impervious, glass is an absolute natural choice for the bathroom. Whether you’re talking about tiles, countertops, shelves or shower doors, glass is your go-to material because it can take whatever you dish out.

Glass trends taking shape

The most recent trend in bathroom materials has been stone. Stone is an awesome surface choice, but there are just some things that stone’s not good at. (Ever try to shine a light through stone?) Stone gets all A’s in durability, but it can be porous, which poses a problem in a water-happy place like the bathroom. Keeping stone surfaces sealed and clean can be a chore.

Glass, on the other hand, doesn’t absorb any organic materials, so it can be wiped clean over and over. It also doesn’t stain, so cleanup usually requires ordinary household cleaners and sanitizers.

Glass tiles come in a variety of colors. If you’re feeling particularly daring, transparent tiles look great on the walls, or on backsplash duty. You can also use glass tiles in the tub surround, on the walls or on the floors.

Traditional tiles are square or rectangular, but shaped tiles are coming on strong. Hexagonal shapes, subway tiles and patterned tiles are all making a pitch for use in the bathroom.

One benefit of working with glass in the bathroom is that it blends well with other materials. Whether you’re aiming for a natural look using wood, or a sleek and sophisticated one that uses granite or marble, glass is versatile enough to complement a wide range of other materials.

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