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Low-e glass: what is it?

If you’ve considered a construction project that involves glass, you may have heard about “low-e” glass, but what is it and what can it do for your home or commercial space? Low-emissivity (or low-e) glass is a specially coated glass that is designed to reduce energy losses. Normally glass isn’t a good insulator. Ordinary glass […]

Backpainting Plexiglas™

Backpainted glass is delivers a unique look, but there are some places where glass may not be your first-choice material. How does glass compare to Plexiglas™? Can you substitute Plexiglas™ in all applications? Here are a few facts that might help you choose between glass and Plexiglas™ for your backpainted glass project. Glass is heavy. […]

Backpainted Glass The Easy Way

Backpainted glass is certainly a trendy look, but having it made and shipped to you can be expensive and frustrating. Shipping glass isn’t easy. In fact, it’s downright hard. Shipped glass can have a breakage rate of as much as 30%. In many cases, breakage is a result of improper packaging or improper handling. Flat […]

Glass – the new luxury material

What do you do when you want to make the most of the square footage you’ve got, especially when your square footage happens to be in a high-demand area? Many designers are turning to glass to help them open up views and maximize space. Disappearing glass walls – walls that fold neatly out of the […]

Glass isn’t just for windows anymore

The emergence of glass as a primary building material has left some architects and artists wondering about the exact limits of glass. In most cases, glass is used for fenestration (windows) and for exterior façades on commercial buildings. But glass is more versatile than that, and some architects are experimenting with exactly what glass can […]

En suite glass trends in home remodeling

A bedroom is arguably one of the most intimate spaces in a home, so it makes sense that remodelers and homeowners alike have gladly embraced the en suite trend. En suite refers to a bedroom and bathroom that are incorporated into a single, undivided space. It sounds romantic, but let’s just say that bathrooms are […]

Improving the view in your dining room

Depending upon how your home is laid out, you may be able to “open” your dining room by adding one or more glass walls to it. If you use your dining room regularly, or do a lot of entertaining, a glass-walled dining room may visually enlarge your space, and help you and your guests connect […]

Frameless glass walls

The people who occupy a commercial office space have a lot of needs. In addition to workspace, they need access to daylight, privacy, meeting spaces and group work spaces. Controlling sound becomes very important. While some workers may need to collaborate, others may need to have a quiet space. Privacy is also important. Given these […]

Bring on the glass in your home

The allure of glass is inescapable. It offers an upscale, contemporary look and yet, the material is common and affordable. Whether you work with glass on the inside of your home, or use it as a way to interface with the environment around you, you can’t go wrong with glass. Contrary to popular belief, glass […]