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Go wild with glass tiles

If you’re looking to update the look of your home, consider adding glass tiles to your list of decorating options. Glass tiles have a lot of upside, and they may fit in perfectly to your long-term decorating plans. Glass tiles come in a range of shapes and sizes. They also come in a variety of […]

Stained glass makes a comeback

Stained glass has been in the news recently, and not always in a positive way. Recently, stained glass manufacturers have come under increasing federal and state scrutiny, largely because of their furnace emissions. Stained glass colorants are typically derived from heavy metals like arsenic, lead, mercury and cadmium. Recent testing of air, soil and water […]

Glass and its role in feng shui

If you’re looking to make a positive change in your home in 2017, you may consider adding some Feng Shui touches to each room in your home. If you’re not familiar with feng shui, here’s a brief primer. Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy that promotes harmony among inhabitants in an environment. Feng shui is […]

Glass doors – inside and out

If you think that glass doors are reserved for commercial spaces, you may be overlooking a design trend that can transform your home. Framed and frameless glass doors are emerging as a hot design trend. Frameless glass doors in a residential setting are most frequently found in bathrooms and showers. Frameless shower doors come in […]

Using glass in interior decorating

Few materials are more versatile in decorating than glass. It’s natural to think of glass in terms of windows. After all, that’s where we see glass most often – regardless of whether we’re looking at commercial or residential spaces. Glass is much more versatile than that, though. Because it comes in so many thicknesses and […]

Considering a home improvement project? Think glass!

2017 offers a great opportunity to refresh your living space. If moving or building your own home isn’t in the cards, you can improve the space you’ve got. The number one reason people consider moving is “more space.” But how can you create more space using only the space you’ve got? Glass is a great […]

Design considerations for glass

Glass has a huge upside in contemporary design, but glass isn’t a simple replacement for traditional architectural materials. Here are some things to consider for any architectural designs that make use of glass. Safety. Without a doubt, any glass design must thoroughly examine safety from every angle. Generally, where safety is a concern, a wide […]

Self cleaning glass: what is it?

Cleaning the windows is never high on anyone’s list of fun things to do, so the idea of self-cleaning glass may be very attractive. Will self-cleaning glass really take care of itself? What makes glass self-cleaning? Will it really improve your view? Self-cleaning glass is created through the use of coatings that are either “hydrophobic” […]

Glass buildings are beautiful, but…

Glass buildings have dominated the modern skyline, and more individuals are incorporating glass into their residential designs. But what is the environmental impact of a building’s high glass content, and how does it affect the building’s occupants? A study conducted by the Urban Green Council in 2013 has some of the answers to those questions, […]

Is the glass shortage a reality?

If you’re thinking about a home remodeling project that involves glass, you may have read about a “glass shortage.” Is there really a glass shortage, and if so, what will be its impact on your project? The short answer is “yes and no.” Some construction projects are being slowed by a shortage of a specific […]