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Using glass paint in your mudroom

Your entryway often makes your home’s first impression on your guests, so homeowners often spend time making their guest entryway as welcoming as possible. But homes often have more than one entrance, and the other entries to your home deserve some love, too! Glass paint can help you dress up the entryways to your home […]

Painted glass or stained glass?

If you’ve paid attention to the stained glass industry, you know that there’s a significant controversy that’s arising around stained glass. Stained glass has been used for decorative purposes since the Middle Ages. The “stained” portion of stained glass relies on the inclusion and melting of heavy metals to create the intense colors that stained […]

Need frosted glass? Make your own!

Frosted glass has a lot of upside, especially if you’re trying to create privacy or cover up an unattractive view. True frosted glass is made in one of two ways: mechanically or chemically. Mechanically frosted glass is created when ordinary glass is sandblasted. The surface of the glass is lightly abraded by the sandblasting process. […]

How difficult is it to backpaint glass?

Home decorating projects can sometimes take on a life of their own. What seems easy or straightforward can often be interrupted by a host of “requirements” that you didn’t foresee. So, when a project like backpainting glass comes along, you might wonder just what you’re getting yourself into! Backpainting glass is easy. It requires no […]

Glass goes to work

Here’s an interesting fact: ten years ago, the average employee office space measured about 250 square feet. Today, the average employee office space measures about 175 feet. That’s a 30% reduction in space. Not surprisingly, the average cost per square foot has risen in the same time by about 30%. In certain cities, the cost […]

Small space? Glass paint is your solution!

If you’re looking to decorate a small space, and don’t have a lot of time or money to work with, you can still create a great effect using either glass or Plexiglas™. A small space could be a dining nook, an entryway, a powder room or a small galley-type kitchen. Entryways take a lot of […]

Glass as a wall covering

Glass is typically used in windows and doors. In some interior spaces, glass is also used to divide the space without visually reducing it. Glass can also be used creatively to laminate interior surfaces. As a laminate, glass offers a number of options. First, it offers a premium appearance, but it’s comparatively inexpensive. It can […]

Glass can open up a small space

Competing priorities are making some big demands on designers. On one hand, people want to have enough space to move, work, relax and feel comfortable. On the other hand, people are becoming exceptionally aware of the true cost of sprawl. The desire to minimize one’s footprint – whether being driven by space, energy consumption, or […]

Invisible glass. Say what?

One of the most likeable things about glass – at least from a materials perspective – is that it’s transparent. So the notion of “invisible glass” might be hard to grasp. There’s already so little to see. Glass industry giant Guardian Glass has developed what it calls “invisible glass,” a non-reflective glass surface intended for […]

Want to live in a glass house? Just don’t throw stones

Few people would want to live in a glass house, outside of architect Philip Johnson. If you’ve ever wondered what the experience would be like, however, you can visit the Baglioni Hotel Carlton in Milan Italy. The hotel offers a glass house that was inspired by Philip Johnson’s residence in New Caanan, CT. The Baglioni […]