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Cool SOHO back painted glass idea

Sometimes an idea is just too good to pass up. I think this is one of them. Whether you work in an office, or at home, here’s something you may find useful – a back painted glass whiteboard. If you make regular use of a whiteboard – in your home office or in a conference […]

Celebrate Earth Day with Painted Glass

A growing number of consumers have made it clear that they want to take a more active role in supporting and preserving the environment. They’re looking for designs and products that are more environmentally responsible and don’t have long-term impacts on human health. In part, that explains why glass is making a comeback. It also […]

Permanent window paint and other crazy ideas

If something about the word “permanent” makes you nervous, then the thought of permanent window paint might make you downright queasy. Fear not, permanent window paint is an actual decorating solution that can have a lot of upside in the right situations. Where you might want to use permanent window paint Not too long ago, […]

Painting glass in your home!

If you’ve never quite gotten the hang of painting, you might be uncomfortable with the idea of painting glass. A painting project basically has two parts: planning and execution. Believe it or not, the hardest part of painting is the planning! If you take some time to plan out your painting projects, you’ll be rewarded […]

Back painted glass in your home or office

Back painted glass is an easy solution for homes and offices. It’s easy to make, and can really improve the look and function of a space. Back painted glass offers real benefits when you use it in the kitchen or bathroom. It can also improve the function of an open office space that makes use […]

Are you wondering how to paint glass?

If you’ve never undertaken a glass painting project, you may not know how to paint glass. Painting glass isn’t difficult, and the results can be spectacular. Making your own painted glass is more economical than buying pre-painted glass. In addition, you can cut the glass to achieve a precision fit before you apply the paint. […]

Glass painting solves decorating problems

Every home is unique, and has its own challenges. Despite this, you can find simple ways to solve decorating problems. Glass painting can help open a home, correct decorating mistakes and even correct flaws that affect your ability to enjoy your space. Inevitably, homes reflect the design preferences that were in place when the home […]

Glass Paint Goes To Sea!

Designing interiors for a yacht is a challenge. The materials you choose need to be rugged, elegant and simple. They must also be able to hold their own in an environment unlike any other. Glass works well as a material choice, and that means glass paint is the ideal complement. Why glass paint is a […]

Glass paint is at home in any home

Architects have to consider a wide range of factors when designing a home. One of the most significant concerns in architecture today is energy efficiency. Choosing designs and materials that make the most efficient use of space, energy and light is important. Glass paint may be emerging as one of the go-to decorative materials of […]

Glass paint décor in your home

A growing trend in residential decorating is stained glass. Although stained glass has been made for nearly 2,000 years, it didn’t become popular in residential settings until about the mid-1800’s. Since stained glass is typically hand-made, it tends to be expensive. It fell out of favor during the Great Depression, and is only now making […]